Are Apartments Really Better Than Houses?

There was a time when people used to term their living space as a house, then they transformed to the term home and currently they term it as apartment. These three carry different meanings with their names but with changing times the idea of living has changed dramatically. House is referred as a place wherein people live in peace whereas a home is referred as a place which is made up of only bricks and cement. Today’s generation is slowly and slowly moving inside apartments. Apartments come in handy in the countries like India, Brazil etc which incorporates large civilizations. Apartments are layered in floors which can easily occupy 10-20 families in small surface area thereby, saving a lot of space. If apartments are well designed, then they can easily impart positive vibes in the house and helps in creating a healthy urban community. Apartments are highly efficient in nature as they provide better living conditions and cordial relationships. The concept of apartment is variable and can change from time to time whereas the concept of house is already fixed. The homes for rent in asheville nc are at a dip as people are moving into the apartments to have a cheaper shelter where they can enjoy full property rights.

But there are some issues related to apartments as it is said that larger no. of people will breed more disputes, more misunderstandings and more diseases. Living in an apartment is like having a virtual family in which people who are not living in your apartment are your cousins and sisters who don’t have a blood relation with you. Compared to houses, apartments provide less privacy which can sometimes cause pain in the head. It is not suitable for people who like to live alone and in silence. Apartments have a big issue related to security. In case, fire breaks out inside the apartment the residents will either look to run downstairs or jump out of the window which will ultimately increase the death rate whereas in case of houses, one can easily ask neighbors for help or run out of the house straight away. Natural calamities can’t be predicted precisely and can cause a great danger to the lives and property of people.

Enclosed space means less outdoor activities. In an era of technology, children spend most of the time watching movies and playing PS. This ultimately cuts them off from the outside world and they tend to live in a world created by them. Houses are expensive whereas apartments are cheaper. So, they are a hit in big urban cities whereas in small cities the concept of houses still prevails. Apartments can be a great time pass as more kitty parties and weekly meetings tend to take place in the colony. Apartments also provide great facilities like shopping malls, swimming pools, libraries and gymnasium etc. So, it depends entirely on the person who wants to move in a new shelter.